Who are we?

Welcome to the reviewed-writing.com. This website was founded by three students, who decided to offer their abilities and skills with other students who need their help. Let us introduce ourselves:

Brian aka. “BrainPen” or simply “BP” Has a fresh PhD. in history and is already working for several years as a copywriter. BrainPen is the one who came up with the idea of comparing different writing services. There’s too much of writing services with poor quality and BP thought that students need high quality and honest information about the most trustworthy services.

Lucy aka. “The Giraffe” – Works in marketing, has a master degree in political sciences and also worked for a long time in an international organization that helped remotely people who have poor access to education. She is deeply involved into writing services and assist students with all their questions or worries. When you are looking for a legitimate writing service via this website, Lucy is the one who will be answering your questions.

Matthew aka. “CoDevil” or simply “CD” – Still studying, also working on serveral projects as a programmer. And of coars is responsible for the technical part of this project. He is responsible that the website is 100% functional, up to date, quick and that all information is loaded perfectly. CD also analyses statistics and negative reviews for illegitimate writing services. On the other hand if something does not work on the website properly, aim your request him 🙂

From the left: BrainPen, Lucy and CoDevil in the famous main library of the Oxford University

Why are we doing this

Our main goal is to provide students from all across the glove with easy access to relevant information about writing services. We want students to have an option to find only the best writing services that fit their needs and their budget. By using our website you will find only 100% relevant, honest and professional reviews of writing services with a high standard.

We want to help students mainly because we were at the same situation, we faced same issues and burned our hands many times with bad writers. BrainPen and The Giraffe are full time employees and to run this website is not easy at all. Therefore for our help we would welcome voluntary donation after successful finish of our writing assignment. Usually people send us between 50 to 200 USD/GBP/EUR.

Thank you very much!

Contact us

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us – info@reviewed-writing.com. Our goal is to assist you with every step of finding the best writing service for your needs. Doesn’t matter if you need an essay for 2 pages or 60 pages long dissertation/thesis. Thanks to our website you will find the best writing solution tailored to your needs.

If you have either good or bad experience with a writer of your assignment, please let us know. We will hide your personal data and publish your review, so you can help other students in finding the best writer, like they helped you by their reviews. Thank you! 🙂